Learn Woodworking: Anderson Ranch Arts Center


anderson-ranch-woodworking-studentJust in time for Christmas, Anderson Ranch Arts Center has announced its schedule of workshops for next summer. The catalog includes nearly two dozen woodworking and woodturning classes, ranging in duration from one to three weeks. It is hard to think of a better way to ditch the summer heat than to head to the mountains and spend several days becoming a better woodworker.  The catalog includes courses on basic skills, furniture construction, finishing, design, wood bending and CNC fabrication.

In addition to the summer workshop schedule, the ranch also offers seasonal residencies to working artists and extended, intensive learning sessions to folks who are advanced in their craft.

One of the great advantages of the center is its secluded feel, says Fabiano Sarra, the ranch’s wood shop coordinator. Ranch buildings are clustered on a wooded corner lot right next door to the student apartments. The arrangement creates the feeling of an enclave, Sarra says.
“It’s a really tight-knit community – a collaborative environment,” he says. “Everyone’s here for the same reason, and we’re all learning from each other and bouncing ideas off of each other.”
Sarra is a custom furniture maker and former Anderson Ranch intern who joined the staff this past summer after working at shops in upstate New York. He and other staff members teach occasional classes, but most of the workshops are conducted by visiting professionals. Next summer’s faculty includes Michael Fortune, Brian Reid, Dean Pulver and David Ellsworth.
The woodworking facilities consist of a fully equipped shop and a separate turning studio. A third room is dedicated to CNC fabrication and houses a CNC router, CNC plasma cutter, a laser engraver and several 3D printers for rapid prototyping.
The shop stays open until 10 each night and is rarely empty at closing time.
“They’re here working like crazy and making awesome stuff,” Sarra says.
To see the course catalog and learn more about the ranch, visit the website at http://www.andersonranch.org/.


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